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Gardens & Turf is a resource for gardeners of all levels of experience.Foxglove and Lamb's Ear

Seek a new garden design or re-design of an existing garden? Gardens & Turf will design a garden that fits your wants, time constraints, and budget.

Need to learn how to care for the plants and shrubs in your landscape? Gardens & Turf will work with you in your garden. Learn techniques for pruning, transplanting/planting, plant placement, mulching, watering, dealing with plant problems, container planting and care, and advice on tools.

Strawberry jar planter adorned with sedum.

Strawberry jar planter adorned with sedum.

Know what look you want, but become overwhelmed when nursery shopping? Gardens & Turf will advise you during nursery shopping, choose plants that fit your site and gardening abilities, and help site your purchases after a plant-buying spree. It’s your choice.

Have containers, but no time? Gardens & Turf will design and plant containers to beautify your front steps, deck or patio, or enhance your garden beds.

In addition to garden design, consultation, and personal garden coaching for property owners in the lower Connecticut River Valley, Gardens & Turf provides lawn mowing for properties in East Haddam, Hadlyme, Lyme and Westbrook.

PrintOur staff is accredited in Organic Land Care through the Northeast Organic Farming Association – NOFA Organic Land Care program.

Tap into our 30+ years of hands-on gardening experience to keep your garden surroundings beautiful.

Joene Hendry, Garden Designer, AOLCP
Email: joenemh@comcast.net
: 860-873-2477, Cell: 860-608-2612